Saturday, December 7, 2013

Si Heads to West Virginia Day 5 Cont.

Greenbrier West Heads to State Championship!
Si helps see them off!

So since becoming a big star, Uncle Si Elf was able to get Roaming Gnome, over at Travelocity to negotiate him a sweet deal for a red eye flight. He travels surprisingly light. His cup, a gallon of tea and his Bible. The TSA told him he either had to dump his tea out or drink it before he could head through security. Guess what he did?!
"Hey Jack, we can't waste perfectly good tea!"

My mom picked him up from the airport and brought him over to J & S, to see the Cavaliers off. Uncle Si got there a little early so he decided to read his Bible for a bit and pray for the team. And of course, Si being Si, he had to take an afternoon nap! He napped for so long, he almost missed seeing them off. 
Si on camera with Local 59!
Uncle Si is long past being camera shy, since the start of the show. Rainelle's local channel 59 had a reporter there. He tried to get an interview. "Boys, these are exciting times! Hey, go get that team, physically and metaphysically! I came here to drink ice tea, and watch ya'll kick butt! You know I like football jack!"

Greenbrier West Heads to State Championship
You can click here to view the boys leaving and see Si!

Uncle Si Gnome hanging out at J & S
Seeing the boys off! Uncle Si Gnome gets on the bus!
Si chatting with the ladies!

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