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I have hundreds of pins....the actual projects I complete are much fewer! Whether epic fail or masterpiece, I'll post the pics here with any hints I might have :)

Kitchen In A Box
(I'll have to ask my friend if it's holding up)

I was inspired to make a kitchen set for a friend's son. He loved our kitchen set so much but I didn't have $50 to spend for his birthday. So here is my $3 kitchen set. (And $4 of kitchen "tools" from the dollar store. The sink is a dog bowl we had. The box is an over sized plastic bin ($3), 2 cds for the burners and the knobs are the tops of those squeezable fruit pouches. My husband, the ultimate craftsman, even made those spin-able for me!

Car Seat Baby Blanket

I was too lazy to get my sewing machine out on this one. So I thought, why not do a knot blanket?! Well....I might have forgot to add length for the ties. Oops. It hardly fits around my chunky monkey. I did make another one, which I sewed and it turned out well. I'll post it later!

Travel Pillowcases

This was kind of difficult. I would say to use regular pillowcases to make it easier to sew, but then your pillows are falling out when you try to carry them. This was one of my favorite turn of my least favorite to make. Pillowcases (er' shams) came from the thrift store ($2), and I had the cloth, velcro and the iron-on letters. I would recommend making the pocket deeper though and maybe more velcro at the top.You could skip the letters but I was making for sisters who needed to know which was theirs of course!

 We Love Daddy Picture

This is not as easy as it looks. Getting little kids to hold signs perfectly (and long enough) to get the picture is tough!! The signs are also a lot harder to cut out than I anticipated. But you know, maybe I can cut and crop to get something to work out for daddy :) I'll update if I ever do-lol The pictures aren't all here.

Christmas Advent Calendar
(Check out my blog post about Holding Christmas Hostage to hear more about the calendar.) This was a pretty easy one to make. Paper sacks, clothes- pins on a string. I wrote numbers in different style "fonts" and alternated green and red. I put a few snowflakes scattered through, and added 4 snowman bags I got at the dollar store. You can go to the download page to get the printables for inside the bags. Easy Christ-centered advent! I had thought this calendar wasn't teaching much. But Christmas Eve, Timmi performed the Christmas story for us. He told accurate details (with a preschool swag) about Joseph being told in a dream to marry Mary, and to name the baby Jesus! It brought tears to my eyes. I was so happy that even despite my craziness, my son had learned about Christ through this activity!

Fruit of the Spirit Christmas Tree
I made these paper pictures with the fruits of the spirit listed on them. I arranged them in the living room several times-Christmas it was a tree. You could do this with any set of words. I had planned on modge podging them to wood, but they didn't last before that happened. I eventually found some wooden hot air balloons (the day after Forest Park's Great Balloon Race) and put the fruits on there. The boys think they are really neat. (The fruits are our house rules)

Microsoft Word/Paint Baby Announcement

I wanted a cute picture like you see in the studios but not at that price. My sister made that super cute baseball hat and I happened to have some Cardinals props (what St. Louisan doesn't) lying around the house. Step 1. Gather props. Step 2. Dress baby. Step 3. Wait until baby is asleep. Step 4. Put baby on plain blanket and take pictures. Step 5. Upload, crop, move, word art the info and presto. Step 5. Use paint to convert to digital BAM! Save several hundred dollars.  I am always trying to save money so most everyone got a digital version (that I converted to jpg by using the Paint program) and emailed and fb most of our loved ones.

 Stryder 4th Birthday

I will try to get more pictures of the party later. But this is a cardboard box that we painted. (It was VERY hard to let Stryder paint the roof blue :) I'm a perfectionist-- but it's his party and what fun is it if they can't pick the color of the roof?!) We added some streamers in the windows. The fire wall, I let the boys paint with orange, red and yellow until their hearts content. Then I cut them into fire shapes. We also had streamers hanging from the hallway, the fans, on the vents (so they blow like fire-thank you hubby) and a few other odds and ends.

Graduation Candy Poster
(I hope success)

What to give to the graduate when your poor? Candy in a clever way :)
(The bottle caps has not been taped on yet) 

 Infant Crochet Photo Props
Technically these are not mine. But my sister just started winging it and out popped these awesome creations! If you are interested in purchasing one for the new baby in your life, contact me and I can hook you up! :)

$10 OK to Wake Up Clock
(Sort of success)

If only we had this problem as an adult?! My boys were getting out of bed, waaaay too early some days. I looked into those OK to wake clocks and they are expensive!! Strand of lights $2.88, dollar store divided food tray $1, plug timer $8. You need the cheap dollar store tray because it's thinner and easier to cut :) I am fortunate that my husband has a tool to punch holes, but you can use your noggin to figure out something-just please be careful! I punches holes in the sides for the lights to poke out and then cut a hole in the blue lid to pull the chord through. I used permanent marker to color it yellow and make an orange face. I set the timer and whalla! The only problem is my two year old could care less if this is on or not :) (Disclaimer: Make sure your container is heat safe, you don't want a fire hazard in your child's room. I also only set my timer for the lights to be on for an hour- just to make sure it doesn't get too hot.)

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