Saturday, February 15, 2014

Don't Let Time Run Out

Reality Check
Day 10
be mineFor the last few days, I hope that I have impressed on you how important it is to spend time with God. The last few years there have been many trials in my life. From deaths, depression, day to day ware, to timidness, anger and everything in-between. God has taught me many things, but one that stands out above the rest, is that I MUST make time for Him. I can’t not handle some things that come my way, I’m simply not capable. And when I am not with Him, talking to Him, walking in Him, trusting in Him, depending on Him, and reading His Word, I fail and trip and fall and get stuck.
So enjoy these moments with God today and although time with our Father is sweet enough you can enjoy some sugary sweets too!
Practice & Family Activity: Today I saw a cute activity that I would like to share here. You can enjoy this by yourself, with a spouse, your kids or your family! Grab a box of conversation hearts. Find the heart that has the “scripture title”, and then look up the scripture.
Be Mine- John 3:16
All Mine- John 10:27-30
True Love- Jeremiah 31:3
Love Me- Luke 10:27
I’m Sure- John 14:1-3
Sweet Talk- Psalm 119:103
Be Good- John 14:15
Fax Me- Jeremiah 33:3

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