Saturday, February 15, 2014

Don't Judge Me

Day 14
Good thing this isn’t a fairy tale or the love story would be over!
Reality Check: "Let not mercy and truth forsake thee: bind them about thy neck; write them upon the table of thine heart" Proverbs 3:4
Before I continue with my post, I would like to share a beautiful poem with you written by a friend. Dana Riek has portrayed exactly what True Love is all about! Thank you Dana for letting me share this with my readers!
By Dana Riek
true love 1I know a man who loves me as I am!
He is always faithful & always true!
His desire is for me no matter where I am!
He is beautiful & lovely, yet powerful & strong!
He is the most mighty warrior & He fights for me!
His love is perfect & goes deeper than I know!
I know a man who is always there even when I
turn away! He pursued me & wooed me before I
gave Him the time a day! He stands radiant among
ten-thousand! He is more faithful than a mother &
closer than a brother! He is the most loving & caring
One that I know & no one could ever compare!
This is my Savior! This is my friend...Jesus!
He died & rose again so I could find life in him!
He is my Beloved! I am blown away that he has called
me to be his bride! I am one with him & he is mine!
I want to live a life that is pleasing to him!
I was made to know & love him!
Jesus will return to the earth for his Bride riding on a
white horse in the sky! He will come with a sword upon
his thigh and destroy all evil! His Kingdom will reign and
have no end! Some would say this is a fairy-tale, but I
know it is true! He is the Prince of Peace and
King of Kings! He alone is my EVERYTHING!
true love 2Love is not the only thing that should be in our heart….mercy…
Actual Quote: "If you don't make me feel special tomorrow, I'm going to punch you in the face!"
Don't judge me.
I was mostly joking.
See [ladies], we have to be real with our husbands (and people in general). Let them know your expectations; DON'T make people try to read your mind. And then get mad when they don't. I have been trying to let my husband know what I want and/or need of him-
with respect
with love
without expectations
with mercy
I'm pretty flexible about most things...I don't get caught up when I don't get gifts and cards and I don't usually get all in a huff. But I find myself growing in disappointment that my hubby doesn't do things. This my friends, does not lead to anyplace that is good. I'm annoyed that he didn't take out the trash, I feel a little jealous when I see another guy open a door for his lady- when my guy didn't, I remember all the times he didn't do something nice for me when he could have....the list could go on. Did you notice something about my list?
All of those things are polar opposites of true love. And they definitely don't bring joy.
Whether you are doing this with your husband, your friends or your family- it’s wrong!
My husband is a very focused person, when he is at work- he thinks about work. That's a problem for romance on Valentine's Day. I reminded him last night, don't forget Valentine's Day is tomorrow. (I also remind him that it's his job to get the boys to do something on Mother's day ;) ) I expected to hear something about how is a commercialized holiday, designed by Hallmark to make millions, blah, blah, blah…. So before he had the chance to give me that spiel..."I don't care if it's commercialized, I want to feel special. I want to be romanced; despite my anti-fairy tale blotrue love 3g...I need  want to feel special!" He replied, "Mumble, mumble, I'll try to mumble..."
"If you don't make me feel special tomorrow, I'll punch you in the face!"
Now don't freak out, I've never hit my hubby and never will (not on purpose anyway); we both laughed pretty hard when those words popped out of my mouth. But the point is, he knows I need/want it to happen. I didn't set him up for failure, knowing he probably won't remember or think about it. And you know the true love in me; will not be disappointed if he still forgets, I won't allow my mind to wonder to past circumstances of feelings of disappointment.
Friends what I’m trying to say is that we want true love- all of us do. And it’s ok to want it. We just have to remember that everyone will disappoint us, because we are all human. So practice patience, grace and mercy and love regardless of the response you get. Don’t make your friends and spouses be mind readers, don’t lay your expectations in people- lay it in God!
Practice and encourage others here! We love hearing from you at Growing In Theory! Won’t you share how you’re growing and what your family has been doing this year with our 14 Days of True Love? Your ideas and stories can help encourage and inspire others!
A special thank you to Dana and Christy for making this post extra special!

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