Friday, April 26, 2013


Life in Theory: Despite my reservations about these types of businesses, in order to support a friend, I'm going to throw a Party Lite Party that is relaxing and fun for all! I'm not sure if this makes me an enabler or a supportive friend.

Life in Reality: I thought that I was capable of rounding up enough people to at least help my friend pay for her kit to start the business. Two days away and I'm starting to realize I'm not so capable....

There are few people in this world capable of actually making money in these...and they are often annoying people. (Key word there-often, not always.)

The phone rings, since your husband has been nagging you about answering the phone when he calls.... you set your diaperless baby on the floor. Dart off down the hallway, tripping over toys and stubbing your toe. Rifling through your purse with no success, you dump it out on the table, and turn it over to see the caller id. realize its just them, and you quickly decide how you're going to word, "I'm too broke for this junk," in a polite way,while thinking- it's only $2 at the dollar store! Then they proceed to tell you that it's half off this month, and if you throw another party, it could be free.

I don't think my friend has this personality; if she does succeed, which I hope for her sake, she does, I don't think she'll be the pushy sales man type. Nonetheless, I picked the candle that promised I would throw a party for her. So much for risk taking ( More on that story another day)

The website says to get 10 people to attend, you need to invite 30. It suggest inviting your hair stylist, your manicurist, and your secretary. LOL My stylist is my husband ( he is free, not always what you're expecting but not too shabby), my manicurist is me, and if I had a secretary, they would be inviting themselves because it would be there job to plan the party :)

But in order to make my friend a couple bucks, I invited everybody I knew. Surely I can easily get ten to show. And that's where my pride got broken....I can't even get 5.

Have you ever seen Faith Like Potatoes? It's a little slow, but a fantastic movie. At one point the man is seeking to throw a revival in Afirica. As the doors are opening and not a single person is showing, he prays, "God please don't embarrass me!" He had made it clear to the town, he could do this, it would succeed. Well in the end God saw fit to bring people to the revival, the man was far from embarrassed. I'm not so sure, he views the party in the same manner :(

As much as I sometimes wish I was my sister or my gram, where people flock to them. That's not who God made me. I'm not a salesmen, the word no is a hard word for me, and my pride-well I'll just have to settle knowing that I'm not the most popular girl in school. But I can know that who I am in Christ, makes up for everything. I will never have the best parties, if we moved across country, my sister would probably be the only visitor. But my security in Christ is sealed without a doubt. He paid the ultimate price and I'm ok with that. Besides, I was seriously wondering how I was going to get my house presentable in time anyway!

As an enabler, supporter you can still support my friend's adventure and order through her website.
Sheys Candles

When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom. 

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