Thursday, April 25, 2013


Life in Theory:

Spalsh! I am an education major, before that -a swim instructor....having smart kids who swim early will be no problem!

Life in Reality:

"Mom, look at me swim!" Stryder bellows, as he is belly down in the bath tub. Kicking is feet furiously, soaking the bathroom thoroughly.

Stryder thinks he can swim, Zeke wishes he could swim- both would sink like a rock tied to an anchor! 

Neither one of my boys can swim! They like water, splashing is a great joy, but I'm seriously considering swim lessons. I took great pride in my ability to help every child who has ever crossed my path to learn to swim. I have taught infants to adults; how is it possible that I cannot get my son to let go of my hand without screaming bloody murder?

I thought I would be the perfect mom, from all my nannying, babysitting, observational skills, and education, I thought I knew the solution to every parental problem- and to some degree I did. The problem is, it's like socialism, it looks great on paper.

In reality, you're exhausted, your kids keep eating your power snacks, drinking your water, and no matter how many studies and experts you consult, little Zeke just will not sleep more than 45 minutes. The car will break down when you desperately need groceries, and suddenly jello doesn't seem like such a bad choice for lunch anymore. And then you realize, why not have cake for breakfast- it's just as healthy as a donut!

I may think I have the perfect plan, but then God reveals that he guides my footsteps, and my children's swim strokes! He reveals daily that without him, I am truly nothing. But in him, I am righteous and my children will still turn out great, despite my many failed lessons. His purpose for my children is far greater than being an early swimmer!

But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever   the purposes of his heart through all generations.

Psalm 33:1

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